It starts with recognition and ends with honesty.

Pushover, Doormat, Am I too nice, How to stop being too nice. Business photo created by kues

How the sick find peace and happiness amid a health crisis

COVID, Christmas, Santa, Blessings, Gifts, Presents, Hospital
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How showing appreciation will make you popular and change the standards at work.

Vibe, culture, standard, work, workplace, appreciation, compliment, karma
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I’m grappling with my writing process, and I just can’t break free. I looked in my past to find the tools to overcome.

Imprisoned, struggle, slump, resilience, consistent, goals, schedule, support system
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The thousands of people with covid have stories. Here’s how I met Dave.

COVID 19, Coronavirus, Who gets covid, social distancing
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Certain COVID patients lie in bed, staring at an open coffin leaning against the hospital room wall.

Covid 19, coronavirus, covid deaths, what does covid feel like
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Regardless of the size of those first steps, don’t let anyone define or downplay your courage.

Why is courage important. What is courage. Examples of courage. Types of courage. Courage sentence. How to develop courage.
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Sometimes it is better to give up and renew your purpose.

When to quit, knowing when to quit, when is it ok to quit, learning when to quit, how do you know when to give up
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Doc Jay, MD

🩺Doctor by trade 📝Writer by habit 💁🏽‍♂️Helper by obsession. Man of 1,000 failures. Self Improvement blog:

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